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Bag Care

    1. Our backpacks are made out of a water resistant polyester fabric, however should you want to protect your bag further from the elements, you can do so by applying a durable water and stain repellent such as the Scotchguard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector products only on the fabric sections of the bag. Please do not apply the scotch guard on the vegan leather (synthetic leather) sections, which is the base material of the 28L Urban Voyager backpack and the zipper tags of each of the backpacks. 
    2. To prevent and maintain the vegan leather (synthetic leather), from cracking and peeling, we highly recommend you use a high quality Leather Conditioner to prolong the life of the vegan leather base of the 28L Urban Voyager backpack and the zipper tags. Applying the leather condition will help to soften your vegan leather and prevent water and harmful UV rays from reaching the surface and resulting in a temperature imbalance, which causes the material to crack. We recommend that you find a quality leather conditioner that doesn't stain clothing and doesn't have a strong odour. We recommend using the 500mL 'Glitz' All in 1 Leather Cleaner, which can be purchased from Bunnings Warehouse.