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Black Tea + Lychee Diffuser

A delightful blend of the finest black tea leaves is complimented with a sweet exotic lychee fruit base note. Our Archon Designs diffuser is delectably delicious and very popular! The infusion of black tea and lychee creates a unique yet restrained sweet scent that will boost your inner happiness and revitalise your senses.

Archon Designs presents a gorgeous, low-maintenance, long lasting, high quality diffuser, which has been hand poured into a stylish round transparent glass bottle. Contains a bundle of 10 bamboo reed diffuser sticks, ideal for delicate infusion into a small to medium-size room to deliver an enduring scent that will last a minimum of 12 months. Packaged in a 100% recyclable matte black box.

Size: 200mL / 6.76 fl.oz.

Glass Bottle Options: Only available in the transparent Glass Bottle, with a silver cap.

Handmade in Australia by Archon Designs.

Tip: Be sure to flip your reeds regularly to get the most enjoyment from your Diffuser.

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